A note of reflection and gratitude as we close out another year at GSF

As we get ready to close out 2023, we reflect on and celebrate our achievements for the past year.

Genetic Support Foundation continues to break down barriers to access to genetic counseling for underserved communities. From our founding, we have defined our success as every patient having equitable access to genetic counseling so each can make the best decisions about their own health care and the care of their family.In 2022 Genetic Support Foundation (GSF) started the Jon Wolff Memorial Fund in memory of the pioneering spirit of our founder, Dr. Jon Wolff, who envisioned a nonprofit organization that would provide “unbiased, expert and compassionate care for patients.”

The guiding principles of increasing access to genetic counseling for underserved communities and individuals formed the cornerstone of Jon’s goals in founding GSF. 

In 2023, GSF remained committed to developing a no-cost and subsidized genetic counseling program to honor Jon’s legacy and better serve individuals from low-income and marginalized communities who currently lack access to genetic counseling. Over the past year, we have been gaining momentum.  We have reached more patients through direct genetic counseling services than ever before and we have expanded our library of educational resources for patients, providers and the general public.

We take a no-stone-unturned approach to ensure patients get the information they need to make informed decisions about their care. We celebrate alongside our patients as they give birth to healthy babies developed from embryos that IVF clinics were initially concerned to transfer due to misunderstood uncertain genetic findings. We help find answers for patients and families who have experienced undiagnosed symptoms for generations, leading to more effective treatment and community support. We empower patients on their journey to understanding their genetic risk for cancer so they can take steps towards cancer prevention and early detection. 

In 2024 we plan to continue this work, to expand access and reach with the goal that all families can gain access to genetic counseling services that can improve their quality of life and long-term health outcomes, regardless of income or location.  

Thank you to all who have given your support this past year through time volunteering, by signing up for our newsletter, by your financial gifts.  GSF can do so much more with the support of our community. If you have been thinking about making a donation this year, it is not too late to make a tax-deductible gift to GSF. Your contributions can help us ensure access to genetic counseling and support for all patients who need these services.